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Become an Equity Gap Member

Equity Gap is always open to enquiries from prospective members who are interested in investing in early stage companies. We particularly welcome new investor members from groups under-represented in the angel investment community who can help increase our diversity of culture, thought and experience.


Our members benefit from being part of a private, member-led organisation, seeing curated investment opportunities and sharing knowledge and expertise to inform investment decisions. We aim to create an inclusive culture with regular events to help our members get to know each other and our portfolio companies.

Individual Members

Our current members include entrepreneurs, exited founders and people with successful business careers in Scotland and further afield. We have several members who live outside the UK; these are typically ex pats or former residents who want to support early stage companies in Scotland.

Our members typically invest between £5,000 and £25,000 in each deal, spreading their investment across a mix of companies by stage and sector. All investment decisions are made by the individual member and there is no minimum activity requirement.

We aim to make all investment opportunities SEIS/EIS qualifying. For information about tax reliefs currently available to investors in early stage companies, please see the latest government guidance or speak to a qualified adviser.

Organisation Members

Apply to Join Equity Gap

If you are interested in joining, the first stage is to contact us for more information. Our directors speak to all prospective members to explain how the syndicate works and the application process. Members will need to demonstrate they have appropriate professional or commercial knowledge to make informed decisions about investment opportunities.

To get in touch, email us at or call our office  on 0131 322 8348.