Fund Your Business

Fund Your Business

Equity Gap members are looking to invest in innovative, high growth potential companies, led by founders who welcome the opportunity to work with investors. These are often businesses using technology to solve next generation problems such as climate change, access to healthcare and inclusion in the digital economy.

We support prospective and successful portfolio companies throughout the investment lifecycle, from pitch coaching and mentoring to board level input and exit planning.


For companies based in Scotland, Equity Gap prefers to co-invest our long standing partners Scottish Enterprise. Their Scottish Co-Investment Fund can match up to £2m of angel investment in qualifying businesses pound for pound. You can find more information on their website.

We are also an approved Investor Partner of Innovate UK, helping investee companies access grant funding for purpose driven, future economy aligned innovation projects.

For follow on fundraising we work with founders, existing and new investors to help our investee companies negotiate the right funding package and terms.

Apply For Funding

  • Confirm your business is investment ready, using our simple decision making tool.
  • Check you’re able to complete SEIS/ EIS advance assurance to confirm investment in your business is eligible for tax relief.
  • Prepare a short proposal, not a full business plan, for our initial review.
  • The proposal should outline the funding requested, business proposition, market demand, competitive position, how the business might scale and who’s in your team. Our team will review your proposal and decide whether to invite you to pitch to our investor members. Using this proposal template will help you provide all the information we need and send your details to our enquiries team.